Robyn McCorquodale


A blend of Jazz-Pop and Empowerment


Album Credits: Produced by Robyn McCorquodale / Co-Produced by Jon Weber, Brett Wade, John Ovnik / Music Arrangements by Jon Weber & Robyn McCorquodale / BG Vocals & String Arrangements by Brett Wade / Engineered by John Ovnik, Deaf Dog Music, Chicago, IL, and by Brett Wade, Vocal-Guitar-Studio, Vancouver, BC / Musicians: Robyn McCorquodale (Lead Vocals); Jon Weber (Piano, Organ, Keys); Brett Wade (Guitar, Strings, BG Vocals); Mark Walker (Drums, Percussion - plays and endorses Yamaha drums, Paiste cymbals, Remo drumheads, Vic Firth sticks and LP percussion); Ron Hall (Bass); Tom Sanchez (Guitar); Marcus Rezak (Guitar) / Mixed by Brett Wade / Mastered by Craig Waddell, Gotham City Studios, Vancouver, BC / Album Artwork: Portrait Paintings by Suzanne van Pelt; Layout & Design by Eye Teaser Graphic Design

Review: “Connected” by Robyn McCorquodale is a collection of beautifully performed, passionately delivered and exceptionally produced songs for spiritual growth in a variety of adult contemporary styles.  Robyn’s voice is strong and confident as she smoothly transitions through contagious melodies, engaging harmonies and thoughtful lyrics.  The lead and harmony vocals are mixed to perfection, enveloped by professional instrumentation and mastered to impeccable standards.  “Connected” includes songs that uplift, encourage and inspire listeners to celebrate blessings, acknowledge trials and actively participate in self empowered right-action.

The title track “Connected” introduces the album in a smooth jazz style, reminding listeners of the connectedness with everyone and to promote peace.  The album features “Mother, You Are A Miracle”, a passionate celebration of a mother’s love and wisdom.   “Perfect Az U R” sports a funky flavor in an introspective look into the power of intention, with a happy, light chorus of enthusiastic motivation.   Several selections take a sober look at internal conflicts and external issues caused by violence and abusive relationships, compassionately and firmly encouraging self-analysis, personal growth and individual-empowerment.   “Red Rain” is an urgent call to action to correct worldly problems.  “Strangers of the Earth” is a soulful song of gratitude and praise to those who think outside the limitations of conventional thinking, often becoming history’s highly regarded geniuses and visionaries.

Rosemarie Ashley, Positive Music Association