Robyn McCorquodale

Kotor, Montenegro

® ℗ © 2014 Robyn McCorquodale


Sailing into Kotor Bay
Dawn is breaking to a spectacular day
I taste the salty air
Feel the breeze through my hair
Sun kissed through the ocean mist

Pristine beauty surrounding me
A humbling morning is beckoning
I spin around
My feet leave the ground
I'm dancing across a sparkling sea

And the ocean parts making way for my heart
And nothing can stop this beautiful feeling

I'm climbing Saint John Mountain
Under the vast Montenegro sky
A precious moment filled with glee
Breathing life, breathing love, breathing high
Breathing possibility

Walking through Ancient Egyptian Ruins
Meet ghosts of historical magnitude
Tales to be told
For the young and old
Of Legends of Pharaohs and Queens

Feeling their majesty
Learning their dynasty
The hardship, the bloodshed they share
Evolution takes time, revolutions divide
Leaving Nations with crosses to bare

And the stone walls part making way for my heart
And nothing can stop this powerful feeling

Here In the Cradle of Civilization
Footsteps through the beginning of time
A collective wisdom and passion feeds my life
Feeds my love, feeding high
Feeding possibility

Too much time up against the wall
Too much time feeling small
But in this moment
I'm feeling everything is possible

I'm standing high over the Holy Land
Midst the grandeur, hearing a distant band
The River Jordan serene
Sea of Galilee
A sweet paradise, Heaven in my eyes

It’s so hard to believe the devastation that’s been
Upon this scenic land
We all breathe the same air
Let us pray the same prayer
Of hope, peace and love for man

With wide open arms making way for my heart
And nothing can stop this magnificent feeling

I’m dipping through Jordan and Galilee
Blue-green Crystal waters bathing me
Sharing this moment refreshed with glee
Feeling life, feeling love, feeling high
Living life, living love, living high
Living in possibility